How Amazon needs to turn the negatives with its Kindle newspaper service to positives

How Amazon needs to turn the negatives with its Kindle newspaper service to positives
November 21, 2016 No Comments Kindle customer support,Kindle support phone number helptechie

No more picking up the wet newspaper from the lawn. Say goodbye to those crumpled paper rolls called newspaper because newspapers just took the digital twist and they are available to read on your all new kindle Paperwhite. But in order to make the Kindle paperwhite newspaper friendly some major changes need to be made to this version of kindle.

Make newspapers readable on other apps as well

You can subscribe to for $20 per month but that doesn’t let you to surf the contents of the site on the kindle’s iPhone,Android, Windows Phone, PC or tablet apps. The $38 per month scheme also called ”All Digital Access Pass” doesn’t guarantee you the e-reader subscription but only lets you to read on the apps and this is exactly so with Barnes & Noble’s Nook. I think it’s unfair and needs to change But why it’s so?

The NYT spokesperson Eileen Murphy explains “The simple answer is that Kindle subscription are billed exclusively through Amazon. In order for subscribers to be able to purchase ‘all digital access’ we would need to bill through New york times.

Fix the link sharing issue

When in an attempt to be more social you try to share New york Times story via In-built kindle sharing function, you end up on a dead-end page on Amazon’s site whereas you should be sent to New York Time’s article that you wanted to share. Many calls has also been made by Kindle’s users to Kindle support number to fix this issue but alas! This seems to be a genuine technical problem that definitely needs to be fixed.

Bridge the gap between the content on Kindle and print version

Kindle’s version of newspaper is probably still in its infancy but there is a very prominent gap of content between the Kindle’s version of newspaper and web or print version of the same newspaper. There are lot of licensing hurdles to cross before that can happen but still attempts should be made to make available box scores, comics and other newspaper staples. Many people over the years called Kindle tech help to address this problem and answer has always been the same which is “We can’t help you with this”.

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