Amazon released new waterfi waterproofed kindle paperwhite

Amazon released new waterfi waterproofed kindle paperwhite
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Are you searching for the waterproof kindle so that nothing will happen to your e-reader when it is dipped into water? It’s great news for the users who are looking for such eBook reader as amazon has released a new waterfi waterproofed kindle paperwhite. The eBook is designed so that the user can stand up to the occasional poolside splash. If you are using the product released by amazon then you will be happy to know that the waterproof version of the kindle has been released in the market to provide better experience to the customers. This product of amazon is liked by many and there are millions of people who are using its services worldwide. If you are thinking to buy the product then order it now. As soon as the device will reach you, the kindle tech help service providers will give you guidance over the phone of how to use the services provided by the device.

In the design, the device is similar with that of the third generation kindle paperwhite. And also works in the same manner as paperwhite and uses the same hardware to work on. There is no difference in functionality whereas the on-screen interactions of the both the devices is somewhat similar. This waterproof devices works under both cold and hold water. The difference in between both the devices is of the price. The device that can survive exposure to liquids will for sure be greater in price. All other details related to the software and hardware functions will be given to you by the kindle tech service providers. Also, the team of is available to provide you assistance whenever you need our help. Now, the water will not be able to create any hassle in your reading. Enjoy reading your eBooks anytime and anywhere.

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