Amazon Unlimited is divisive for writer or so it seems

Amazon Unlimited is divisive for writer or so it seems
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Whenever Amazon brings up a new Kindle or it all-you-can-read venture there is always a heated debate among self-published writers about good and bad of the device and when the company brought out its Kindle unlimited, that moment was no exception.

The program allows you to pay a flat monthly fee for as many books as you can read. Many writers say that their incomes are down as readers move to the all-you-can-eat meal rather than paying for books individually. Others say their income is up since Kindle Unlimited was introduced last year, although verification is hard to find.

“Averaged over the life of K.U., my income has increased by about two and a half times,” a user called“Vermicious Knid” wrote on a Kindle chat board. “But I won’t be putting my pen names out here, because the last thing I need is the sycophant squad going after my catalog. I definitely wouldn’t put my real name out here, because some posters on this board come across as just crazy enough to make real life threats because I don’t worship at the same cult of personality as they do. If that invalidates my experience in the eyes of some, what do I care?”

Another user reported to have picked up pace of writing as “who make less than say 20,000 bucks a month seem to be doing ok with Kindle Unlimited.” said another poster.

The problem is that Amazon is a big force in the self-publishing world that writers ignore what it is pushing at their edge. If Amazon is putting its considerable weight behind a program that might be harmful for writers even if it is better for readers, it is going to affect writers who are not in the program too.

Even though writers are in peril because of Amazon but fact remains that kindle tech help continue to extend its helpful arm to the writers who make the Amazon cloud content service possible.

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