Amazon Updated Kindle App For Better Control On Push Notifications

Amazon Updated Kindle App For Better Control On Push Notifications
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The quality that Kindle’s X-Ray serve is an amazing differentiator with that compared to the eReader apps. It’s like a functional Wikipedia for each of the ebook available, that provide the details related to the characters, locations, history, and many other appearance of both fiction and non-fiction texts. The feature is now available in the e-reader apps released by the company as part of the version 4.8 update. It is easy to take the X-ray of the page which you are reading. What you need to do is just tap in the middle of the screen and then touch the X-ray icon that is available on the top menu bar of the home page. For detailed guidance, one can contact us. We are one of the great kindle technical support providers available online. There are thousands of customers engaged with our services of

Along with the X-Ray feature, the updated version also offers push notification to download the books easily. Through this, one will be having better control on the audiobook playback within books. One of the great advantage of using this is one can purchase the audio material available in the eBooks along with the purchase of the books.

Why this update matters?

Amazon is the company that has made and released its own eBook reader which is used by large number of people worldwide. So, kindle customer support assures that the customers are served with the satisfactory services. Time to time latest updates are released by the officials for better experience of the customers. Other than this, if you are unavailable to contact the services providers of the Amazon then you can call us anytime and anywhere. We will be happy to help you!

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