Amazon’s ultimate answer to iPad. The all new Kindle Oasis

Amazon’s ultimate answer to iPad. The all new Kindle Oasis
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Amazon is turning reading into a thing of luxury with the new Kindle Oasis.Starting at 280 dollars, the Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s costliest e-reader since the Kindle DX from 2010. Amazon has recently said that mission with the Kindle is to “make the device disappear so you can lose yourself in an author’s story,” and in this case, that means making the device more book-like.

One side of the Kindle Oasis features an extra-wide, extra-thick grooved ring, which seems like a tap to the spine of a paper book. According to Kindle tech help, Users can hold it in any of the hands, and still be able to flip the screen around accordingly. Amazon has included a leather cover with the Oasis. Apart from just making the KIndle look classier, the cover sports its own battery, which goes on with the e-reader for up to eight weeks on a single charge. Plugging in the Kindle Oasis with a wall charger along with the cover attached will charge both devices, and the e-reader depletes the cover’s battery before tapping into its own reserves it is that much smart.

Those developments aside, the Kindle Oasis is same as 2014’s Kindle Voyage, with a 6-inch 300 PPI screen and 4GB of storage for storing thousands of ebooks. The Oasis would be brighter, however, with 10 LEDs compared to 6 LEDs in the Voyage. Its 0.29 lb. frame  that is without the cover is also less heavier than any other Kindle. (putting the cover brings the weight up to 0.53 ounces, which is still lighter than most small tablets.)But Amazon is taking pre-orders to ship in the “coming weeks.” As it is with other Kindles, Amazon has to be paid an extra $20 to remove “Special Offers” ads from the device’s lock screen. A 3G model (for downloading books without Wi-Fi) is also available for $70 more.Good news: Amazon will still be selling a basic Kindle for $80, the higher-resolution Kindle Paperwhite for $120, and the $200 Voyage with adaptive lighting.

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