How to Create PayPal Account? Send, Transfer, and Receive Money

How to Create PayPal Account? Send, Transfer, and Receive Money
November 27, 2018 No Comments Paypal customer support helptechie

PayPal, a name that doesn’t need an introduction, the only name that is used worldwide as supports all sorts of transactions such as worldwide shopping, credit card, debit card transactions, send or receive money from or to your bank account and so on. This payment gateway is available in most of the countries thereby helpful for money transferring all around the world. It also provides best offers to its customers on their transactions. So, if you are wondering about to be one of its users, it’s gonna be great for your online transactions.

Using this application is as simple as other payment gateways. All you need to do is download its application for free on your smart phone using play store and register for yourself as a user. On the web, you have to visit PayPal home page and create an account.  But before uses, you would like to know the process of creating account, and that’s what PayPal Technical Support is going to teach you. Let’s take a look at the steps described below; this will help you a lot if you are going to do it first time.

  • Open your computer and go to Click “Login” if you have already an account or hit “Sign up” button if you haven’t. You will have option either to make personal or business account.
  • For business account (pro), you have to pay a little amount. However, you will have option to choose Pro, standard, and express. For standard and express, you don’t need to pay any amount. Choose the option you want and hit “Next”.
  • Continue with your chosen option by entering your email id in the box given in the next page. Enter other information what you are asked and then click “Agree and continue”.
  • Choose your type of business and enter other information about your business. Click “Continue” once done. PayPal ask about your personal information for verification. Once done, click “Submit”
  • A new window will open stating that welcome to PayPal business account. You are done with the task. Start using your account. The process is same for making an individual account. So, repeat the steps if you need that.

Contact PayPal Customer Care If Any Issue

While using this payment gateway, you might have number of issues. Among them, on experiencing some of the issues like security, getting fraud emails, you should report PayPal Customer Support immediately. Furthermore, if you have any issues with account setting or any others, you can call at PayPal Customer Helpline Phone Number +1-855-601-0005. Your issues will be taken care of with utmost care and resolved in the shortest possible period of time.

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