How to Download Books on Kindle For Free?

How to Download Books on Kindle For Free?
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Technology has instigated the people to change their way of reading. In other word, it brings forth the most convenient way of reading in form of Kindle. No hassle of carrying lengthy collection of books and hold them longer to read, instead just browse the book you want to read and go on with that. Though kindle is a paid service and allows you to download the journals for a fraction of cost, Kindle Technical Support has presented here the way to access the books in a free of cost. The process is applicable for any windows and Macs. Along with this, it works on all versions of kindle device. So, if you are aspiring to do that, let’s get started now.

Before going through the process, you need a Kindle device, micro USB cable, a computer (Mac OS or window doesn’t matter, both will work well).

  • First step is to download the books you want to read. There are two ways to do this. First one, just type the name of the book on Google search box and then write e-pub.
  • Along with kindle, many e-book applications work better with e-pub files. The file will be shown as “origin.epub” next to the file name. Once clicking on that, the file will start downloading.
  • Don’t worry about the format, this also support PDF and easily accessed by any e-book application.
  • The second method is to go to the reputed website of e-books such as “Lib Gen” and click on top result. Just try to download e-pub files from there. Search the book you want to download and hit “Download” option.
  • The next step is to download “Caliber” software needed to transfer books from your computer to the device. Type “Caliber download” in the Google search box and then press “Enter”.
  • The set up process for the caliber is fairly simple, so you won’t have any problem. Just make sure you know your kindle version as it’ll ask your device version while the process.
  • Double-click to start installing the setup process. Click “Finish” when done. Now connect your kindle to your computer. Launch the software and click “Add” button at the top-left of screen. Choose the book you have downloaded and then click open.
  • Now, right-click on the book name and then click “Send to device main memory”. Click “Yes” when pop up message appears asking for auto conversion of following books. You will be able to see the transferring process by right-clicking on Job icon at the right-bottom of the screen.

Get Help from Experts In Case of Any Issues

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