How to Get Unlimited Music on Kindle?

How to Get Unlimited Music on Kindle?
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Isn’t it great to listen to music while reading your favorite books? No doubt, it’ll definitely be icing on the cake if you are having both together. Kindle allows you to play music files either from the internet or saved files. This can be done with Amazon fire tablet installed with Amazon music library. More and more, you can also load audio books and listen to while having a headphone and resting on your couch instead of reading the books. Now you have a little aware of about getting unlimited music on kindle, so Kindle Technical Support presents the way by which it can be easily done within a few minutes. So let’s start the process. Note that this process covers the Kindle e-reader including touch and paper white. Kindle fire and fire HD tablets are covered in the next articles.

  • First of all, connect your device to the computer via USB cable. You can use the same cable what you use for your microphone to get it charged.
  • Once you connect the device, a small window consisting files loads automatically on your computer screen. If not, go to my computer section and open the folder named as external folder by double clicking on the option. The name can be similar to the list of removable file.
  • Move into the music folder that you want to add on your device. Select, hold and drag the music files that you want to add. Make a folder by the name of music.
  • Make sure you are adding only mp3 format as the device only support mp3 format. Also, note that kindle has a very limited space. So make sure you are adding only your favorite album.
  • Once finish with copying the files, disconnect the device from your computer. The file will be located in the experimental section of your kindle apps.
  • You can access this by going to the device home screen, pressing menu button and then selecting experimental from the list of option. Now you can enjoy listening to the music.

Call Kindle Technical Support If You Come Across Any Issues

Never feel any stress if you are with this awesome device and its technical support service. Feel free to call at kindle Customer helpline Number +1-855-601-0005 right away and get its issues fixed in a jiffy. Rest assured, you will never have a single pause once you get help from the experts.

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