How to Install an SD Card on Kindle?

How to Install an SD Card on Kindle?
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There is no denying the fact that the kindle has changed the way people read books, magazines, and journals. Due to convenient and handy device, it has successfully replaced the hardcover books with e-books that can be accessed in a single click. Kindle have large library of different kind of books, but to access them you need to pay a little amount that is far less than the actual cost. Once you purchase them, you can download and save in your folder for later view.

Though kindle provides enough memory to store hundreds of text files or more, you may need more space if you are a frequent reader and your device memory has already occupied with bunch of files. In this case, Kindle Technical Support advises you to install an external Secure Digital (SD) card. With installed SD card, you can have an extended memory in which you can save more number of files. Let’s see the way you can do it by yourselves.

  • Turn the kindle off if it is running now. Lay it on the flat surface and take the device cover off from its back. To remove this, you need to press down the cover while sliding it to the right side of the device.
  • When the cover is removed, you can see the battery compartment, reset button and SD card slot. Unfold the box of your SD card and insert it by sliding the card inside the slot.
  • The SD card slot is located on the right side of kindle. Push the card inside until you hear a click sound. If you don’t hear the sound that means memory card is not fully inserted.
  • With the different version of kindle, the capacity of memory card will vary. You can see it in the manual. This can be given under external and internal memory card slot. If you still want more space, you can talk to Kindle Customer Care.
  • Place the cover back by sliding it to the left. You can hear a click sound when it is inserted properly. Also, none of cover’s tab will be visible when it is placed.
  • Turn on the device now and go to control panel section. When you click on storage, you can see internal and external memory empty space. You are done with the task now.

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