Joint initiative of Intuit and paypal helps small businesses pay faster

Joint initiative of Intuit and paypal helps small businesses pay faster
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The dream of automating the work related to managing the financial books of a company  has finally been met as Intuit and paypal announces further extension of their partnership with launching new way of accepting payment by Paypal.

As Intuit integrates its QuickBooks platform with leading payment solution like paypal, small businesses and self-employed customers of Intuit gets the ability to get paid faster. It’s a truth when VP of Paypal Steve said “Both Intuit and Paypal are committed to helping our customers grow and succeed. Its an opportunity for small businesses to be empowered with access to tools they need to get paid faster”

It’s a huge win for small business owners who just want to save time and improve cash flow at the same time.

To let businesses get payments on eInvoice from customers Intuit and paypal has forged partnership to provide services such as simplified design integrated into QuickBook eInvoice to customers in the US and Australia. The simplified design helps to receive payments seamlessly without the need to leave the invoice within few minutes.

Australian businessmen have been the most to salvage out of this deal since the integration launch in November 2015. Many Australian business owners have connected QuickBooks and Paypal to get paid. It was found that customers who used this integration were paid twice as fast on average. It’s also reported that It will simplify accounting by exporting Paypal transactions to Quickbooks and it’s not surprising that Paypal is encouraging people to call Paypal customer service in case of any doubt.

The key features of the integration for the small business would be saving time by importing fees into Quick book. Manual entry is replaced by automatic entry thus saving the business owner’s time. Unpaid invoices are automatically marked paid once the customer has paid by use of Paypal.

One of the primary functions of the integration is to ensure up-to-date customer information by automatic syncing information from paypal into QuickBooks. Clients seem to be very happy to use it one of the client is reported to have said that he loved using Paypal with QuickBooks as it removes a lot of headaches for him and his clients So there you have it!

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