Let’s see how good is Kindle Fire HDX when stacked up against iPad Air

Let’s see how good is Kindle Fire HDX when stacked up against iPad Air
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Holidays are just around the corner and thus people are gathering all they can for gifts, gifts for friends family and colleagues and what a better gift than than Ipad Air and latest Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Although iPad is – without much debate – the most used and popular tablet today and the Air will continue to rule the Tablet market. But with release of Kindle Fire the market seems to be inclining a bit towards the new Kindle.

Here are few points to consider before you decide to buy iPad Air.

  1. Amazon has made it their business model to offer Amazon content services and not only that one of the best things about Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets is their integration with Amazon’s content ecosystem and services. And perhaps the most noteworthy content feature is Amazon Prime subscribers’ ability to download Instant Videos for offline viewing.
  2. Both Amazon and Apple offer huge collections of books, movies and TV shows by their online stores. For the most part, what they offer are comparable, though each has its individual strengths and weaknesses. A feature that is unique to Amazon devices is X-Ray for movies and TV, it is a feature that lets you quickly learn more about the content you’re viewing.X-Ray for Amazon Instant Video that is supported by IMDB. The movie feature lets you click the X-Ray button to see all the cast members in a specific scene; you can also learn about a song you hear in a certain scene and you can know about the artist; read trivia questions; see location information; and check out random facts about the film or video. You can also drill down into X-Ray information to learn more about actors and music.
  3. Apple will always have a beautiful local retail shop It will have a unique Genius Bar or service area in it’s store but Amazon’s store won’t go in the dark without a competition, it launched a Mayday button and the kindle customer service is also very helpful to people using their device.
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