The Luxury Kindle 2017: Reviews and Buying Advice

The Luxury Kindle 2017: Reviews and Buying Advice
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Amazon offers different types of Kindle e-readers so we will help you in choosing the one that is perfect for you. The most luxurious e-reader available in the market which is released by Amazon is Kindle Oasis. The device is available at the market price of $380. But currently the product is out of stock and is unavailable. The devices measures the size of 5.6 X 4.8 X 0.13 inches and weights at 4.7 ounces and is smaller in size and lighter in weight with that compared to the Paperwhite and Voyage. Also, the Amazon kindle customer support service stated that the device doesn’t have the amazing side-lit 6-inch 300 ppi display.


Some of the users have experienced that these display stats are similar with that of the less expensive kindle paperwhite. But there are 10 LEDs available that offers the consistency of light and brightness and also this feature is not available in any other E-Ink device. The device offers its customers a 4 GB of internal memory that is very much enough to contain thousands of books and periodicals. Like the other devices provides, you can also side-load the content from any computer or laptop to this e-reader.


The other features that are revealed by the kindle technical support team members are there is no need to use the device from two hands as single hand is enough to use it for. It is light in weight and small in size. Also, the device will weigh even lighter if the magnetic battery cover will get removed. Or if you get stuck in any technical problem while using the device then you can contact our experts of We are one of the well known service providers available online and there are thousands of customers who feel great engaging with us. Don’t worry, just call us now!


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