What makes a good employee? Let’s have an answer for that by following Ms silva’s work life at PayPal

What makes a good employee? Let’s have an answer for that by following Ms silva’s work life at PayPal
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Anyone who has achieved anything in the world loves a good challenge and that is exactly the case with Ms.Silva Do Nascimento from Sao Paulo, Brazil . She began her PayPal journey with the position of dispute team in 2011(reports PayPal customer support) but about a year later she managed to become an executive escalation specialist. She learned to handle responsibility of responding to claims and rating merchants and brands from her job as an escalation specialist and she soon reached to the position of account manager where she was given responsibility for large merchant account operations.

In the brazil office of Paypal where Ms.Saliva works she has proven herself on the job. You can give her any job within domain of her operation and she would display efficiency, ability to keep cool under pressure and also profound problem solving skills. She is a person known to enjoy her work.

Each country has it’s own culture and way to perform business. The challenges a person would face as an account manager in PayPal would be different in different country so let’s say the job would mean different thing in Brazil when compared with the same profile in the US. so to understand Ms. silva’s challenges we need to understand the trade practices in Brazil. So let’s get down to understand trade practices in Brazil.

Installments are very popular in the country. Everything purchased has price equivalent to the number of installments that has to be payed rather than the total cost of the product. So let’s say you buy a refrigerator then instead of the total price of that item what you will consider are the number of installments (which is let’s say 10) you will have to pay. Because of this sales process the account manger who is Ms.Silva have to keep that in mind while managing accounts for the merchants and that’s a new challenges all together.

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