Merchants, digital media is now the trend – Be on the beat with Paypal

Merchants, digital media is now the trend – Be on the beat with Paypal
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There was a time when movies at home meant recoiling the reel of a VCR tape those moments only feels good in nostalgia no matter how cumbersome the actual work may have been. CDs and DVDs has also gone the way of dinosaurs but entertainment industry has not instead it is a booming. What has changed is how the masses consume movies or music and the industry has taken notice of the fact. Discussion about entertainment industry is quite incomplete without mentioning its latest trends. So here goes the trends as disclosed by Paypal technical support phone number :

Mobile is now the device for transactions


Consumers enthusiastically seek out the most easy way to purchase and consume digital media. In fact, more than one third of the people voted in the U.S. said that they digitally purchase or download a movie or TV series “immediately” after being fascinated by it for the first time. Mobile gadgets (tablets and smartphones) and PC laptops were the explicit viewing platforms of choice worldwide for TV shows/movies. In the U.S., the mobiles were the most famous viewing platform for TV shows/movies (58%). For music, total of 85 percent of consumers in all 10 markets used smartphones for listening to music (downloaded or through a streaming subscription).

Access drives purchases, curbs piracy
many customers voted across the globe accepted to illegally downloading digital media, Paypal Support Number found there would be less cases of piracy or downloading digital content if people had better access to new and usually unfound TV series/movies and songs/albums. More than half of those who pirate music and movies in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, and UAE, say they would not download illegally from a illegitimate marketplace versus an illegal site if it were easier to download the songs or albums. More than sixty percent of TV/movie customers reacted similarly and had informed that they would download fewer TV series/movies illegally if they were easier to access.

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