The new Kindle Fire unleashed. Let’s have a look at it

The new Kindle Fire unleashed. Let’s have a look at it
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On Thursday evening, Amazon Kindle customer support had convened a press conference in Santa Monica, California, to present the new generation of its Kindle Fire tablet computers and Kindle reading device to e-books. It has been a little less than a year since the launch of the first Kindle Fire, which surprised at its low price of $199, and last week, Amazon could announce that it was sold out its old model.

Now, the new Kindle Fire HD comes in two editions. A 7-inch screen will cost $ 199 and will be on sale on September 14th. A larger version with 8.9 inch display will be sold for $ 299, but can only be purchased from November.

Both have 16GB of memory (the old one had 8GB), but there are also 32GB versions for 249 and 369 dollars, respectively. The processor should be 20 per cent. Faster than the old model. The screen resolution is 1,920 x 1200 (IPS panel) for the 8.9 inch screen and 1.280 x 800 for the smaller version by 7 inches.There is also better Wi-Fi (with dual antennas and dual-band 2.5 and 5 Ghz support), Bluetooth and front camera.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos claimed at the press conference that the new Kindle Fire HD’s Wi-Fi is 41 per cent. Faster than on iPad. It should be the first tablet that has built-in MIMO (multiple input multiple output). There is also a version with 4G (LTE), 8.9 inch screen and 32GB of memory for $ 499. It’s the same price as the cheapest iPad that only has 16 GB. For $ 599, you can get a 4G version with 64GB.

Amazon has improved the tablet computer’s interface – running on a modified version of Android – so it should be easier to navigate and customize the computer’s appearance.

It has never been officially possible to buy Kindle Fire in Denmark, but both the new Kindle Fire HD and the old Kindle Fire are available for sale in Europe from 25 October.

In the UK Amazon store, the price is £ 129 for Kindle Fire and £ 159 for Kindle Fire HD with 16GB and 7 inch screen. The battery lasts for eight weeks.

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