Now you don’t need big brands or big budget to enjoy an ebook!

Now you don’t need big brands or big budget to enjoy an ebook!
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There are plenty of options when choosing an ebook online, you can go for a Kindle ebook or you can download an ebook off an iPad but can you shop for your ebook locally that is from your local book store?If you don’t want to go for big brands there are plenty of independent authors selling their ebooks through sites like Smashwords Although Inktera and Zola Books have their own catalog of their ebooks but locally present bookstores do not sell ebooks online. A brand called Kobo sells its own range of Kobo readers that can be bought of a physical bookstore across the country. When you buy books from the Kobo stores,it gets some portion of money of the purchase.

If you don’t want its reader then the company provides you the option of downloading the e-reader on your existing smartphone or tablet and download millions of titles. The e-reader app also works in majority of mobile and desktop platforms. Kobo also works with many participating book shops and if your local book shop happens to be a participating member then you can buy titles offered by that store.

Kobo’s site contains name of many bookstores which have partnership with them. You can also visit the website of your preferred book shop to see if that store is affiliated to Kobo. Some prominent bookstores in the list of bookstores are Politics and Prose in the district of Columbia, The Concord Bookshop in Massachusetts, Diesel Books in California, Powell’s city of Books in Oregon and the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in New york are among many book stores.

Many major players are joining this business among them is Amazon, but with a different spin. Under the Amazon Source program which ever store agrees to sell its device, Amazon gives retailer some discount on its devices also It gives 10% of sales from its ebooks.

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