Now Pay your house rent through Paypal

Now Pay your house rent through Paypal
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People often complain that paying for rent is their number one pain point. About seventy percent of people pay rent by check, even though credit cards are increasingly used for credit cards.

Now, with payment methods going digital, the rent against lease of property is also going digital. PayLease, a leading payment and billing solutions company has join hands with Paypal to extend their reach in digital space. With this collaboration, you will be able to send and receive rent payments. The property management company has now been collecting and managing billing and utility expenses through Paypal.

This is a big shift in payments for this industry. Especially with younger people entering the rental market, they’ve never had to write a check. They are used to paying for things online and digitally. In fact, 85% of renters between the ages of 18 and 34 don’t plan on trading their rentals for homes anytime soon. And we’ve learned in a past research study, millennials love paying with tech and are willing, even eager, to use new payment systems. The study reports that more than one third of millennials consider credit cards to be “old school” and over 70% said that they thought credit cards are not secure. The study went on to say 63% of them do not have a credit card and would find using plastic cards “annoying.”

Property management continue to be a profitable business due to higher online payment utilisation charges and people are able to settle funds in bank accounts without a paypal account. The Paypal tech help people indicate that people have been experiencing same fast funding time as other other online payment.

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