PayPal-like online payment system launched by Google

PayPal-like online payment system launched by Google
November 12, 2017 No Comments Paypal customer support,Paypal customer support phone number,Paypal Support Number,Paypal support phone number,Paypal tech help Ryan Gattis

Google is making continuous efforts to make it easier for you to shop online and make payments easily without any hassle. It will help you to check out more quickly from a wide variety of websites. It is something similar to the most widely used online payment gateway at present i.e. PayPal. This time think of PayPal, but it will be powered by Google. If you’re using an Android phone or iPhone or Chrome browser to approach one of the engaging vendors, and you won’t need to type your credit card number as Google will simply auto-send your billing details to the vendor.

At the release date, Pay with Google works with fifteen major apps, that involves Papa John’s, Yelp, Eat24, Airbnb, Kayak, and Postmates; and StubHub are coming soon. Google is also partnering with payment providers, involving the Stripe and Braintree, to make it easier for planners who already use those services to also work with Pay with Google. The aspect was first launched in May, where Google also specified that it would be consistent with and help benefit the customer loyalty programs.

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