The Reason and Solution for PayPal Payment Incomplete Error Messages

The Reason and Solution for PayPal Payment Incomplete Error Messages
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Often users face issue with making payments through PayPal as it denies completing the payment process. In the error message, it just asks you to go back to the merchant’s website or to try again later. There are many reasons that can lead to this unlikely message and can affect your shopping excitement. The first one is the guest account issue which has a set limit for making transactions per each credit or debit card. For guest users, one can use a credit card only for transaction limit of $4000 within 15 transactions. Even if one spend less than $4000 in those 15 times than also no more transactions can be done. If the card is registered under any account then it will raise a flag and on that case, it will be required to log in from that account to use that card. These features are purely designed to secure your card from misuse and maintain safety for your account. Also if your card is registered under any account then it will ask you to log in first before making the payments for security reasons.To get further elaboration regarding these reasons and this issue, you can contact PayPal Technical help and ask queries to the expert adviser. This unfortunate payment error can be avoided only by registering with PayPal or by signing into the existing account. Log into your account with correct user name and password and then carry some steps. Once you are logged in, click on “Profile” tab and then click on “More Options”. In there, click on “My Selling Tools” and then click on “Block Payment” option. In Block payment section, find and click on the “Block payments from users who:” and uncheck the “Initiate payments” from the Pay Anyone sub-tab under the “Send Money” tab. Once you are done, click on “Save”.

If these steps look quite complicated for you to follow than you can seek expert advice from technical experts by contacting technical helpdesk through the toll free PayPal technical support phone number.

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