Reflections on Magento Imagine 2017

Reflections on Magento Imagine 2017
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Mobile is to be the new hot thing among shoppers and that exactly dominated the tone in Magento Imagine (the greatest Magento global community get together). The question was how to keep sales high when even the online methods let alone the brick and mortar ways fail to do that.  Many who’s who of the industry shared their experience and opinion with the entrepreneurs in general. The insight thus gathered is very valuable and challenges faced by them may inspire others to carve out new ways in the business world. Let us have fresh look at the issue through their looking glass.

A PayPal Panel moderated by Andy Barker, Magento’s Senior Director of Global Payments & Strategy. It showcased System Integrators Gorilla Group and Irish Titan, and also businesses SuperATV and The discussion focused on evolving payment technologies for consumers and the importance of mobile optimization to enable growth. As Lindsay Hunt, VP Sales & Administration of SuperATV put it, “having a mobile-friendly site is critical, coupled with an easy checkout process.”

PayPal customer support Engineering Manager Jon Higby and Magento Evangelist Ben Marks spoke about the difference between mobile and desktop shoppers, highlighting the significant conversion drop-off on mobile when compared to desktop*. So while mobile is hot, conversion is not. For this reason, integrating the right technology to create a frictionless checkout is critical to success.

During Braintree GM Juan Benitez’s keynote, Juan shared that mobile shopping transactions are predicted to increase by 74% within the next two years. Mobile is at the intersection of customer relations and innovation, and that’s been the focus.

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