Scrolling not flipping to become mantra for ebook reading

Scrolling not flipping to become mantra for ebook reading
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A famous 20th century author once wrote a book ‘On the road in three weeks’ on typewriter on one long scroll of paper so that his speed doesn’t drop when he places a new paper on his typewriter little did he know that in future we would read books in the same way.

Turning a page to read something which is in continuation is so 20th century (and 19th and 18th), it comes in the way of reading and breaks your focus on the story you are reading just as Kerouac typing speed would reduce while changing the paper on typewriter. It becomes more convenient and logical to scroll while reading than flipping pages to read in modern world of tablets and smartphones. Magazine apps understood it many years ago.

Apple discovered this fact and implemented the same on iBook 3 that it announced at iPad launch. It just put in their app in the App store early wednesday morning. People have been using it for a day or two and so far their review have been positive.for the continuous scrolling feature. This new feature is a game changer.

This innovation is so natural that experts believe that Amazon too must introduce this feature in their new Kindle or else their Kindles might not sell and that’s a guaranteed way of getting a lot of calls to their Kindle customer support.

If you are the kind of person who has gotten used to page based reading and fear that the new technique to read wouldn’t suit you then don’t worry. Flipping pages to read is still available, in fact it’s the default options. The page numbers would still be displayed off to the side of page while reading in the continuous mode. To separate the chapters there is a big black line between them.

Reading on iPads or iPhones on previous version of iBooks has been sort of difficult work to do – I know as I have done it a lot over past few years – as the page number has been very distracting and wouldn’t let you get lost in the text and also they are less significant than in real world as, just as you change the font size the page number also changes.

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