Strategies to help you do business online

Strategies to help you do business online
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Holiday season is just around the corner and that means a lot of shopping. Now, how can you as a business head make most out of the holiday season online?
Especially when your competitor is pouring in time and money to make their business flourish in these days.

These are some best practices and recommendations to make your business soar this time of year:

    1. Try going to appropriate social channels

Not every social channel will appeal to your customers. For example if your Customer is 16 – 24 years old take Facebook , instagram or youtube seriously. On the other hand if your product appeals to business professional then look at Linkedin.

Basically you need to ask yourself few questions before launching any online campaign.
Questions like who is my target audience? How old are they? What work they do? And what do they do for fun? Then accordingly plan your campaign ahead

    1. Avoid hard-sell

Forge relationship with your customers using the right channel as relationship matter more than going for immediate selling. It’s a good idea to get to know about your customers. Know what they like, don’t like etc. In the process also let them know about you and your business.

Reacting to their posts and interacting with them will help build trust and from there the journey of your sales can begin.

    1. Figure out what you are going to say

People will come to your channel for many reasons for example to know more about your business, to get some information or to know what you have to say.

Your online communication should be such it hardens your customer’s perception of you being market leader or an original voice in the industry.

Address common problems your customers have and provide the solution in terms of your product or service. Helping them with their problems will help build the much needed trust on you.

    1. Be strategic while hard selling

It ok to post about your products to promote your business as long as you keep it in proportional to other posts to just make conversation with your customers. If you hard-sell in every post, that will result in a lot of unfollowing. Twitter say about a 80/20 rule for promotion of products that means that 80% has to be dedicated to general relation building while 20% must be to promote your business.

    1. Set Up a helpline

Although not an online technique but it helps to grow your business. Just set up a helpline to address product related query from your customers for example Paypal uses Paypal customer service to do this.

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