Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our world of Customerhelptechie.com. We only provide our services on conditions that are decided and implemented by the company’s management and may change if the management decides so without your prior notice. Following are the terms and conditions that you will agree on to enter service level agreement(SLA) while visiting our site or availing our services.

How to avail our services
Our services are available to you via telephone, by our site or by other ways made available by www.customerhelptechie.com. We will put reasonable effort to resolve your problems but for a fee that seems fit to us. We will provide part that we see fit through remote control session and rest of the support would be provided by telephone, online chat or email. Customerhelptechie services will include service that customers avail only once against a fee.

Permission to access your computer
By entering service level agreement with us you are acknowledging that you are permitting Customerhelptechie to access and control your computer or registered device for diagnosis of its problems, servicing it and repairing it.To deliver the services we may download and and use software, collect system data, take remote control of device and access or modify your device’s settings to rectify the problem occurred. Other than as set forth in the warranty section below, you agree that customerhelptechie has no responsibility or liability under any circumstance at any time for any loss or harm that may arise from or may be related to the Services

Data Backup
The responsibility for maintaining and backing up all the data media, text or other material solely lies with you. Under no condition  www.customerhelptechie.com or its referral partners. Will be responsible for loss of the customer data or any other material from your computer.

Use of software and too
We use three types of software to rectify the errors that occur in your computer or other registered device. Such softwares may be needed to download in your computer. The first type provides Device system information to Customerhelptechie which helps us diagnose and resolve Your Device’s problem, the second type allows Customerhelptechie to remotely control Your Device and modify its settings or software, and the third type generally consists of utilities and other tools to improve Device performance and help resolve your technology problem.

Customer help techie responsibilities
Customerhelptechie will use maximum effort to resolve your registered problems for a Device. Customerhelptechie will resolve technical issues in a professional, reasonable and timely manner, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the technical issue.

Fee and Payment
The applicable fee for the Services you buy may be conveyed on the telephone and/or may be available on the Site. The fee for the customerhelptechie Services will be charged to you for which you will need to mail a bank cheque to physical address of the establishment (mentioned on the site) and you agree to pay the charges applicable to Your selected Services, as well as any applicable taxes.

You shall not:

  • Copy any Content on the Site or on any other server without customerhelptechie’s prior express written permission,
  • Use the Service for any illegal purpose,
  • Misuse or make any unauthorized use of any property, network, Website, personnel or equipment of customerhelptechie or its customers or its suppliers.