The truth behind the many rumors revolving the Manga Model of Kindle Paperwhite

The truth behind the many rumors revolving the Manga Model of Kindle Paperwhite
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This is a story of how a humble Kindle which when sold outside of US evolved to suit culture of that nation (Japan).

Mangas or comics are a thing of Japanese culture. They learn to love it very early in life and that affair continues throughout their lives. Rooted in late 19th century Mangas are a popular medium for entertainment and information for millions of Japanese. In Japan the word Manga relates to both cartoons as well as comics and with advent of technology Manga took the electronic way.

To fit the Kindle in the manga seen, the device modified their ebook device to increase the storage space to 32 gigabytes. Usually storage space of a Kindle is not a very talked about feature, it is not something that comes within the domain of consideration of a lot people while buying Kindle as file size of ebooks are a few kilobytes but the manga is of much larger size hence the need to increase space. Thus the company’s Japanese arm used the tactic to increase storage space of the paperwhite also dubbed “Manga Model”

The company claims that you can store as many as 700 comics on the new Paperwhite model. It even went so far as to give an example, saying you could fit all 200 volumes of Kochikame, 100 of Asari-chan, and 72 volumes of Naruto on the device and based on the information available with the Kindle customer service the Japanese are very excited about the new Kindle.

Although the big storage space is unique selling point of the new Kindle but the extra features of the Kindle includes the fast page turn  feature which according to the tech giant the feature lets you focus more on the story rather than dealing with other tasks. This feature will also be introduced to other Kindle devices, the base, Paperwhite (6th-gen or later), Voyage, and Oasis, by the end of this month.

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