Unleash Your Kindle Screen Bigger with HDMI Support

Unleash Your Kindle Screen Bigger with HDMI Support
November 22, 2016 No Comments Amazon kindle technical support,Kindle customer support helptechie
Kindle fire, the revolution in improved Kindle series offers a lot than you actually can imagine of. The newest facility you must uncover is connecting kindle with your TV using a Cable or Ruko or Miracast. This technology is called creating mirror image and the fun offered is watching all the kindle stuff in big screen. Therefore, the videos or Amazon prime movies you have bought or the subscription you have can be enjoyed in big screen rather than dumping your eyes into the compact kindle screen. Also you can enjoy all your kindle music with a big stereos and speakers. The games you play in kindle can be played with a bigger screen and sharing screen with people surrounding you is much easier with this mirroring technology.So you must be wondering now that how mirroring exactly work. Well, there are multiple ways you can do that according to your technical availability.

Connection guidelines for Fire TV users: if you have got a Fire TV than Display mirroring comes ready with it. Now connect both your Fire device with the same wireless and are registered with same username. They also must have internet access ready. Now get a HDMI cable and use it to connect your kindle with TV via the HDMI port on TV. Now go to the settings of Fire TV device and access “settings”, then choose “Display & Sounds” and then turn on the “Second screen notifications”. Now go to your Kindle and select the photo or video you want to see in big screen and just tap on the “Screen” icon. Some of the Fire models have “Settings > Display & Sounds > Display Mirroring” options which need to be accessed to get it on big screen. Kindle fire customer service has detailed guidelines for the same processes.

If it is a 2012 HD model: well you just need a standard Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI cable. Connect the cable ends to your tablet and TV HDMI port and its ready for big screen fun. Its also provide audio facility but this only work with high-definition TV sets. Well you do not need to be upset if you have an old TV as you can still use Display Mirroring facility by using extra equipment along with HDMI cables. The equipment is a box that converts digital signal to analog signal so that it gets compatible with the 3 RCA jacks on the back-side of TV.

Turn your Fire OS 2.0 and later to a perfect Roku: in this way you first need to get a Roku streaming stick or a Roku 3 or Roku 4. Now in Roku, enable mirroring by accessing the “Settings” tab. In there, go to “Screen mirroring” and turn it on. Now in your tablet, swipe down the notification bar and go to “Settings > Display > Display Mirroring > tap on Roku”. If you want to share Netflix and Youtube than tap on the “Cast” button which you can locate within the app and it will start mirroring immediately.

If you need more guidance than contact experts out there through the toll free Kindle fire phone number.

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